Assigning symbols to keys
Posted by: dreadbob - 3 hours ago - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - Replies (1)

Hi! How do you use the Apex software to assign symbols to keys, and to keys pressed with SHIFT? For example:

1. If I want to replace 'G' with '#', so that each press of 'G' instead types a hash?
2. If I want to have it so that pressing SHIFT+5 gives me '&' instead of '%'?

Many thanks!

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  Email List Marketing
Posted by: jewel570 - 10 hours ago - Forum: Fortnite - No Replies

The subsequent rule is to apply multiple listing constructing supply. Don't ever depend upon simply one supply of centered site visitors arriving in your decide in web page. There are many methods to draw such site visitors which include weblog posts, on-line articles, press releases, audios, videos, remarks left on institution pages and boards plus additionally the use of social media in unique methods. Different components of your goal marketplace might be positioned in one-of-a-kind systems across the net so it's miles the records marketer's process to move and hunt them down.
[Image: Email-Database.gif]
When you generate site visitors from many reassets you then definately need to constantly take a look at the effects as opposed to say growing one touchdown web page or join up field and depart it there for ever greater. You have to check different sorts such as the use of one-of-a-kind wording, pics and location at the web page. It can every so often come right all the way down to converting one phrase that makes the join up price skyrocket. And do not overlook to music your effects to locate what installation is the maximum ultimate for you.
Following on from that, do not ever purchase electronic
email list optin lists which might be electronic email listaddresses which are presented for sale. These lists are cold, do not know who you're and are a waste of cash. So simply keep away from them. Lastly, it definitely is nice to trial and notice how social media can help together along with your electronic email list constructing. This may be very powerful if used to elevate your profile, generate a communique and get the ones who've proven an hobby in you to are seeking out in addition records. Just ensure you do not use this platform for selling.

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  Six Top Email List Building Rules You Must Use
Posted by: jewel570 - 10 hours ago - Forum: DIERYA Keyboard Software - No Replies

There are a few very essential electronic email list constructing guidelines that need to be used so that it will construct what need to be the maximum precious asset of any on-line marketer's enterprise. Once you've got got constructed an electronic email list which you have cultivated to the factor wherein you're relied on via way of means of your participants, wherein they experience a bond and could comply with your guidelines then it definitely is viable to apply any such listing as a coins factor.
Yet to get to that role, you definitely ought to be disciplined and make certain you're the use of each rule on your gain. Also, an electronic email list   does now no longer ought to be big to be financially profitable. Some of the maximum worthwhile lists are those wherein there might also additionally handiest be some thousand, or maybe some hundred, however wherein the participants live for an extended duration and accept as true with you implicitly.
[Image: Email-Database.gif]
The first rule is to view your prospect and consumer electronic mail lists as assets. This definitely is the first-rate asset your on-line enterprise can have, understanding that the listing you've got got constructed now has a dating with you or even feels that they need to retain to depend upon your for his or her records. Add in accept as true with and it's miles a totally appealing monetary role to be in.
It is so essential to live farfar from the promote, promote, promote sort of on-line advertising and marketing. There is not anything worse than constantly receiving electronic email list after electronic email list from on-line entrepreneurs who preserve pushing the latest "need to have" mystery or solution. They aren't seeking to construct a dating with their electronic email list however all they're inquisitive about is the sale. And the hassle they come upon is they need to preserve toping up their listing with new possibilities as there might be a excessive unsubscribe price.

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  DK61 Pro does not work with the software?
Posted by: PrinceOfHeroes - Today, 07:52 AM - Forum: DIERYA Keyboard Software - No Replies

Hello I recently purchase this beautiful DK61 pro 5.1 bluetooth 60% keyboard with the gateron blue switches and ever since I have had this keyboard it is not clear on all the features it possesses. there are some mysterious function it has like for example if you hold down the function+left Ctrl it flashes the numbers as if its changing profiles. I want the RGB lights on the keyboard to be blue and I never got to customize the colors either. after downloading the very confusing Kemove software that is suppose to be compatible with this keyboard it is not a friendly experience at all. I never been able to get it to work. Can someone help me with this? I looked at the other forums and no one else seems to be having problems like me. I just been getting by with the built in RGB.

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  Keyboard seems to be broken. LED's not turning on
Posted by: lhedge - Today, 07:28 AM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - No Replies

After updating the firmware in the software the keyboard no longer visually turns on.

I have tried fn + tab, Fn + q to reset but it hasn't worked.

When i turn it on it is still able to connect to my PC via bluetooth but none of the keys do anything.

Is there any manual way to reset the keyboard physically? I.e., take it apart? Maybe disconnect then reconnect the batteries? Ideas/solutions would be appreciated

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  High CPU usage APEX software on Windows 10
Posted by: Emarra - Yesterday, 10:40 PM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - No Replies

Hey all,

I'm noticing severe lag on two of my Windows machines(W10-H2), when I open task manager, I see apex using 30% CPU, and the lag goes away the moment I close the process. This has happened out of nowhere, one I was working on the bench, and heard the computer fan speeding up, when I checked, there it was APEX again eating my resources.
Anyone else is having this problem? I will try to grab a screenshot the next time it happens.
PC_1 CPU -> i7-2670QM
PC_2 CPU -> i7-6700HQ

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  Macro Error
Posted by: chare88 - 11-29-2020, 04:21 AM - Forum: DIERYA DK61 - No Replies

So everything on the DK61E software works except the macros. I would make a macro, but then the save button doesn't work. And the few times I get it to work and plug it into a key, the macro wont even work. And if I close the software and re-open it, the macro disappears and the stuff inside it is too.

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  MAC Key Caps for DK63
Posted by: Saabboy93 - 11-29-2020, 01:47 AM - Forum: DIERYA DK63 - No Replies

I'm new to all of this keyboard world.  Just purchased my first pro keyboard.  Was wondering for us MAC people if there is a way to find key caps that have all the function keys we are used to having.
I figured out all the functionality but now Id like the visual.  Found a few on AMZ but wasn't sure if there were more.

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Posted by: LandonTheodore - 11-26-2020, 10:01 PM - Forum: Share Your RGB Effect and Macro - No Replies

Yeah, it's good that you've told us about how to make this active sequence here. I work with best college writing service, and all my friends will appreciate it when I share this content with them.

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  How to remap 2nd function layer
Posted by: Wrongfooting - 11-25-2020, 10:58 AM - Forum: KEMOVE Keyboard Software - Replies (8)

Apologies if I am reposting something answered elsewhere but it is hard to tell which threads relate to older versions of the software (which is also a good thing IMO, that so much development is going on)

I have a kemove 61 snowfox from 3-4 weeks ago, 5 pin version, using Apex 1.52 and firmware 9013. I want to swap the arrow keys from the second layer onto the first layer, and take their first layer functions (slash, right alt, menu and right ctrl) and map them onto the second layer.

I have options for hardware 1 - 4 on the left side of the software, and Fn1 Fn2 Fn3 buttons along the top. I have been able to select Fn1 and then choose the arrow key options, and save this which then works nicely but when I repeat the same exercise for Fn2 the software appears to respond but then there is no effect: the second layer is still acting like arrow keys. 
Am I doing something wrong or is the second layer remapping just not functional...


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