DK61 Pro Driver layer is gone
Posted by: ominousone117 - 7 hours ago - Forum: DIERYA Keyboard Software - No Replies

Anyone run into this problem or have a fix for this, for the Dierya DK61 Pro.  I was changing lighting effect for the driver layer in the Kemove Driver software, clicked view, then save and apply.  The little wheel kept spinning, so after waiting a 5 minutes I switched to layer 3 and now the Driver layer is another layer 3.  I tried factory resetting, re-installing the software but I guess that its set on the memory on the keyboard as layer 3.  Included is a pic.  Any help woiuld be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

update: so if I install the software on another PC (PC "B") the driver layer pops up and works fine with the keyboard.  So it's not saved on the keyboard which it shouldn't since it only works with the software via USB.  So my question now is, how come on PC "B" the software works fine but with PC "A" it doesn't even after uninstalling and re-installing the driver.   Where would files be stored for the driver that are being utilized by the re-installed driver?

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  My Dk63 W key isnt responding
Posted by: Yusufx - 02-25-2021, 01:05 PM - Forum: DIERYA DK63 - Replies (1)

Hi i have this keyboard for quite a while and lately my W Key stopped responding it responds 1 out of 3 times i was wondering if you can help me with a fix or tell me if the switches are hot swapable thanks

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  Latest Snowfox revision with white stabilizers. Amazon UK?
Posted by: TomUK1 - 02-23-2021, 07:32 PM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - No Replies

I'm thinking about buying a Kemove Snowfox but I want to make sure I get the latest revisions with the white stabilizers. I want the gateron red version which is here

But how do I know this is the latest revision with white stabilizers? Can anyone here confirm this?


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Posted by: alxsavva21 - 02-23-2021, 10:09 AM - Forum: KEMOVE Keyboard Software - Replies (1)

I have a dierya dk61 that i got off of amazon and no software works on it, its either not supported, not detected or any modification i do on the software nothing seems to change on my keyboard. Serial number 61BA04036Z01415

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  Is it possible to map non-FN key combinations?
Posted by: mr_foggy - 02-22-2021, 03:54 PM - Forum: KEMOVE Keyboard Software - Replies (1)


I wanted to know if it's possible to create/remap key combinations not involving the FN key.

For example: pressing "rAlt+O" types a non-english accented letter like "Ò".

I think it'a a very useful feature. This is how I remapped them in MSKLC but I'm looking for a hardware solution.


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  Bluetooth Pin required, problem with bluetooth
Posted by: Daikaru - 02-18-2021, 06:25 PM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - No Replies

Completely random my keyboard (Kemove61 snowfox) decided to disconnect itself from my windows pc, I tried to pair it again but it requires a pin that I don't have.
I already tried with 0000,1111,1234,000000,111111,123456, typed them on keyboard too and than pressed enter without any result. While Wired the keyboard works great but I bought it for bluetooth and is a big problem if I can't use it this  way. Can you suggest me a solution please? 
I tried to pair it with all the possible combinations too, Fn + z/x/c but I always have the same problem. Thanks

Software version: 1.5.3
61MupWhite: Version 9015
SN: 61WA10010404C00688

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  Key getting stuck in bluetooth mode
Posted by: BeastyUmbrella - 02-17-2021, 01:07 PM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - Replies (4)

Has anyone else experienced that a key gets stuck during typing in bluetooth mode?
It literally happened as I was typing this and went "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and then no other keys are working before you press the key that got stuck - in this case the a-key.
It has happened to the e-key as well less than 24 hours ago. Please tell me how to fix this. I reached out to Wade when I first got the keyboard and then I was to told to update it, which I did. However, it doest not seem to be a valid solution since it has started to do it again.

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  Snowfox and my Mac...
Posted by: Atomic - 02-15-2021, 03:23 PM - Forum: KEMOVE DK61 SNOWFOX/SHADOW - Replies (1)

Bought the Snofox about 4 months ago... I use it with both my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro. Until last week, it has been pretty much perfect.

Suddenly, however, it has stopped working in the Mac setting. Essentially, I no longer have a 'command' button even though the keyboard is set to Mac. I have not updated any firmware or made any changes to the keyboard at all.

What could I be missing here?

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Posted by: BlueXD - 02-11-2021, 03:48 PM - Forum: DIERYA DK63 - No Replies

Is there a way for me to check for the latest firmware for this keyboard?

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  Keys not working
Posted by: BlueXD - 02-11-2021, 03:46 PM - Forum: DIERYA DK63 - No Replies

When I use the keyboard while playing games, if I hold a key(w) and press another key(d) it cancels out the first key I pressed. Not allowing me to move while holding multiple keys.

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